There’s no place Like home!

Extreme Makeover

After emigrating from Canada, Bill and his wife Denise, rented a lovely little home in Redondo Beach. With the addition of their now eighteen month old daughter later, they purchased a new (and larger) home in the city of Hawthorne, CA (hometown of the Beach Boys).

Their new house had not been updated since it was built in 1963, and although it wasn’t exactly a “fixer-upper”, its décor was very outdated. Using the skills he learned from his father, and the experience he gained building a home from the ground up, with his uncle during a high school summer break, Bill set out on a multi-year effort to update and modernize his new abode. The end result saw Bill totally renovate the kitchen and two bathrooms, along with replacing every door, window, and floor in the house, over the course of approximately ten years.

The photos above show the original, and updated, home front exterior, and below are a couple examples of the work that Bill completed.

The Original Fireplace
Start of Fireplace Teardown
Fireplace Rebuild Started
Bill Working With His Assistant
Fireplace Finished
Original Backyard
Backyard Demolition Begins
Backyard Demolition Continues
Backyard Demolition Phase One Complete
All Of That Concrete Had To Go Somewhere...
The Completed Backyard
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